Race, Power, & Privilege Facilitation Guide

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By Natalie Bui, Kausar Mohammed, & Veline Moharro of SHIFT

In creating this 104-page Facilitation Guide and the accompanying e-course, Race, Power, and Privilege, SHIFT has achieved a remarkable feat. They have written an accessible and rich playbook on how to facilitate each chapter of the e-course as well as provide a collection of practices to support a facilitation team from start to finish. Drawing on their 10 years experience as facilitators in a wide variety of campus and community settings, SHIFT generously shares with us all they have learned as both teachers and students. This guide demonstrates how facilitation can be made easy so that participants feel heard and welcomed and facilitators feel prepared to lead young people through this deeply rich experience.

Racial justice may seem like an impossible achievement, yet SHIFT’s belief in looking toward the North Star is unwavering. They do not let the heaviness of the present deter their trust and vision that social change can emerge from a classroom, a campus, a community. Thee significance of this trust unfolds in this guide, chapter by chapter, as the text peels back the layers of understanding, leading the teacher and the learner to a star-filled canopy of awakened awareness and possibility. SHIFT believes in the power of young people to change the course of history and as this guide reveals, they urge all of us, as educators to always remember to do the same.