Becoming Student-Ready Campuses: Learning from the Next Generation to Increase Success & Transform Society

After facing the adversities of the pandemic and last year’s national reckoning about race, most college students are more engaged than ever before, demonstrating a higher level of maturity and empathy and showing more openness to racial and social justice issues.

As the 2021-2022 academic year redefines the education landscape, how can faculty and professional staff be better prepared to assist students in applying skills like critical thinking to embrace real societal change? In what ways can we create new pathways for student success by providing proper resources and support specific to this more informed generation of young people?

In this presentation, nationally-recognized educator and innovator, Adam A. Smith explores the unique opportunities present in higher education to provide deep learning strategies which will allow a wider range of students to engage with issues connected to race, justice, and equity in the classroom and on campus. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the practical ways their campus can lean into their students’ new awareness to acclimate incoming freshmen while re-connecting to upperclass students after a year of virtual learning.


Adam A. Smith is the Executive Director for Academic Advising at the University of Kentucky. For three decades, he has served as a university
administrator, focusing on student retention and success as well as TRIO Upward Bound programs at a range of campuses throughout the
Midwest and South. He is a dynamic speaker and highly-sought-after advocate for educational diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.


English captioning provided.

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