Lessons from The Color of Fear Curriculum (PDF & DVD)

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By Victor Lee Lewis and Hugh Vasquez

With contributions by Peggy McIntosh, Jeffery Scott Mio, Jack Straton, and many other scholars, trainers and activists.

Lessons from The Color of Fear is an educational program designed especially for scholars in the social sciences and the humanities, trainers in workplace diversity programs and social justice educators. It offers guidelines to a wider range of useful approaches to teaching with the ground-breaking film The Color of Fear (TCOF) than has ever been gathered in one place. It goes beyond the "workshop" which focuses primarily on "processing" the deep feelings usually triggered by screening TCOF in a racially mixed audience.

The LESSONS from The Color of Fear Curriculum consists of the following:

• Volume I covers 25 lessons drawn from the first half of the film. Includes a companion DVD with the 25 video lessons organized for easy viewing and navigation. Each lesson corresponds to a video selection, and opens with a statement that briefly describes or introduces the specific lesson.

• Volume II is the complete time-indexed transcript of The Color of Fear.

• Volume III is an exclusive essay by white anti-racism educator Peggy McIntosh with David Christensen and Victor Lewis from The Color of Fear cast, exploring the film and the meaning of white privilege.

• Volume IV includes ten "field reports" from expert teachers with many years of experience teaching with The Color of Fear. These essays provide in-depth models and information on specific teaching approaches and themes, including:
• TCOF and the fear of "Black anger"
• TCOF in the teaching of writing and empowerment
• TCOF in the teaching of Women's Studies
• TCOF in managing guilt in the classroom
• TCOF in managing defensiveness in the classroom
• TCOF in workplace diversity programs
• TCOF with high school students
• TCOF and racial identity development
• TCOF and white privilege
• And more!

The focus of this educational program is to support increased awareness, rigor and flexibility in our thinking and decision-making around racial issues. This is an indispensable resource for educators, diversity trainers and facilitators. Utilizing this guide, you can design a powerful class or training program designed to trigger critical reflection about the issues raised in the film and that are both emotionally safe and emotionally challenging.