My People Are...Youth Pride in Mixed Heritage

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A powerful resource for classrooms and families, My People Are...Youth Pride in Mixed Heritage is a 20 minute film that promotes positive racial and ethnic identity in all children, highlighting the multiracial experience.

Multiracial people are one of the youngest and fastest growing groups in the United States. Discover a language that embraces multiracial identity and gives visibility to experiences this community faces. Young performers share pride in their culture, history. and ethnic roots through theater, spoken word, interview, dance, rap and song.

The 20-minute DVD comes with an Action Booklet that serves as a guide to facilitate constructive dialogue and explore hands-on activities with young people about race, heritage, identity and inclusion after viewing the film.

More than just an educational film, “My People Are…” is an intelligent, creative, and dynamic celebration of the complexities of family heritage.

Director: Aarin Burch, an independent film and  video producer who has worked  internationally and throughout the San  Francisco Bay Area for the past 2 decades.
Producer: iPride and Tarah Fleming, M.A. Ed., CPC, a long-time educator, keynote speaker, and facilitator on topics of inclusion, equity literacy, early childhood anti-bias education and the dynamics of power and privilege with over 30 years of national and international experience.