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Reanae McNeal, PhD, is a transformational-healer-leader, is an award-winning international educator, speaker, storyteller, playwright, performing/visual artist, oral (her)storian, cultural activist, and minister. Dr. McNeal promotes social change, advances cross-cultural understanding, cultivates reparative and restorative justice, and fosters the healing of deep wounds through radical love and transformation. She delves into individual, generational, societal, and historical trauma in transformative ways. McNeal’s research-based creative work and scholarly endeavors courageously address such topics as marginalized (her)stories, interlocking oppression, multilayered violence, decolonialism, diversity, resiliency, spirituality, and healing, even as she delves into her own life as an integral part of her work.

As a storyteller, she weaves together cultural stories, including from her rich heritages, and plays over twenty traditional African and Native instruments. McNeal’s presentations address diverse women’s lived experiences and social issues such as African American women and rape/sexual assault, varied domestic violence survivors’ experiences, Afro Indigenous women’s stories, and global women’s activism. Dr. McNeal has transformed communities in inspiring ways while addressing societal issues with a keen understanding of the complexity in the human experience.

McNeal is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards such as The Woman of Achievement Award, Catherine Prelinger Award, Black Treasure Award, and NCTE Early Career Educator of Color Leadership Award. McNeal participated in the U.N. Parallel Forum to the 59th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women about the implementation of the first Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission against Sexual Assault in the U.S. She is currently Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Diversity Studies (Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies, Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, and American Studies).


"We are still hearing praise about McNeal's powerful presentations which were catalysts for much needed dialogue on the intersection of racism, classism, sexism and violence. Reanae met the challenge of bringing a diverse campus together around difficult issues."

— Ella Shaaban, University of Alabama Student Affairs

"Reanae McNeal's performance was a journey of unexpected joy and sorrow, leaving the audience deeply touched by something special and meaningful. Reanae brings an enormous sense of purpose to her performance."

— Kim Sheffield, Program Director, Office for Sexual Health and Violence Prevention, University of South Carolina

"McNeal leaves an indelible impression in the minds and hearts of people who her her speak and watch her perform. She embraces and captivates her audience with her unique, commanding style of lecturing by combining lecture with spirited song, poetry and skillful dramatization."

— Carol Powers, Women's Studies Program, Ohio Wesleyan University

"Few speakers can match the emotion and energy that Reanae exudes on stage. Her performance was moving and filled with passion."

— Candi Jones, University of Vermont Law School

"I remain in awe of Ms. McNeal's ability to blend laughter with learning and creativity with understanding. Upon leaving our training room that day, Ms. McNeal had achieved yet another fantastic accomplishment -- she left a room filled with animated laughing and enlightened dream makers."

— Sandi Murphy, Program Coordinator, Domestic Violence Advocacy Project

"She is very powerful and creative!"

— Njoki Kamau, Associate Director of the Women's Center, Northwestern University

"We applaud your immense talent and ability to make people feel!"

— Dr. Elizabeth Iterby, Mt. St. Clare College

"Your art cuts to the chase and touches the soul. It Heals!"

— Aishah Simmons, Director of Afro-Lez Productions


Challenging A Violent Culture
This lecture explores the violence against women and people of color. It will go into the oppressive mechanisms in the society that make the violence against these groups possible and acceptable.

And She Survived
Reanae tells her own story of being a rape/sexual assault survivor when she was in college as well as dealing with sexual harassment by a professor. She will include the importance of strong racial and sexual harassment regulations on college and university campuses.

Standards of Beauty
This lecture discusses the trauma of standards of beauty imposed on African-American women. It will explore the dynamics of colorism, hair, physical features, size, and African-American womens' perception of themselves.

Faces of Violence
This lecture explores gender and racial apartheid of women all over the world. It examines domestic violence, honor killings, genital multilation, rape, slave trafficking, etc. It gives voice to Global women's issues. It is informative and empowering.

Behind the Bars
This lecture deals with the dynamics of women who are imprisoned. It gives statistics and stories of the oppression and lives of women in prison and the women who end up in prison. The lecture deals with the diversity of women in prison and the unfolding of their lives. It paints a powerful and realistic picture of women Behind the Bars as Reanae tells real stories taken from women in prison.

The Women Gathered
This lecture gives voice to powerful diverse women from around the world. It is empowering as it tells their stories and gives beauty to who they are. Great lecture for Women's Herstory Month and International Women's week.

African Native American Women and Activism
This lecture includes the long legacy of African Native American women activist who have advocated for both African American and Native American people. Highlighting their strategies and transformational activism, Reanae takes the audience into the fascinating world of African Native Americans.

Women As Creative Artists
This lecture will explore the feminine contributions to the creative arts. It will delve into the challenging of traditional styles of art forms in literature, visual arts, dance, and the spoken word.